Live streaming can come with many barriers to entry as it requires a lot of tools, technology, and software to get started. If you want to run a successful live streaming business, you need to master these tools. There really is no way around it, as these tools are designed to help optimize your channel’s look, run, and will drive your overall success. If you don’t take the time to learn these tools now, your content and viewers will suffer. 

The different types of software to learn for live streaming: 

  • Simulcasting Software – This software allows you to stream to multiple different platforms under one interface. 
  • Encoding Software – This software is required to broadcast your content using a DSLR, console, or other tools to your streaming platform. This tool is also responsible for customization. 
  • Switching Software – This is used to switch between the different cameras or audio needed to broadcast your show. 
  • Video and Editing Software – This is required to promote your live streams before, during, and after broadcast. You don’t want to only rely on live content to find your viewers. 
  • Audio Mixing Software – To manage your voice and the sound from your content, you need proper audio mixing software. This way, your viewers can hear you and the content easily and efficiently. 

Here are a few of the most important live streaming software to become an expert on to become a successful streamer:

Streamlabs OBS 

Streamlabs OBS is compatible with most live-streaming platforms, including Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. Streamlabs is by far one of the most popular broadcastings or encoding software to choose from. This software is packed with overlays and other customization tools to help you stand out against the competition and better engage your audience. If you want to upgrade your channel, you need encoding software for personalized graphics and other overlays. 


A powerful live streaming production software that allows you to live stream from around the world no matter how big. Make your live streams look professional and made for TV with professional audio controls, graphics, titles, and more. 


This editing tool allows you to repurpose your content into Instagram, YouTube, and other social media posts within seconds. It is free to get started and easy to use with its drag and drop features. Use this tool to promote before you go live and after to increase your audience. 


Don’t let your live streams go to waste. Instead, repurpose them by editing them into short teaser clips or long-form videos for YouTube. OpenShot is a free, open-source option to get started that allows you to edit, clip, trim or add texts and other graphics to your videos. 

These are just a few options from the many tools and software you will learn over time as a streamer. Remember, you won’t become an expert overnight. It takes practice, determination, passion, and a deep understanding of your audience to be successful. 

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