Customer engagement is crucial to building the all-important “know-like-trust” quotient that is so important for a business owner’s success today. After all, the main reason you even exist is to solve your customers’ problems in a way that makes them feel satisfied and delighted. The best way to engage with customers today is to automate as much as you can while remembering to focus on the customer of one.

  • Set Up a Customer-Driven FAQ – Most customers today like going to a website to find information by searching for answers to questions that they have before they contact anyone in person. You can assist this process by setting up an automated FAQ for the customer and potential customer to use for themselves.
  • Be Easy To Reach – Don’t hide your contact information from your customers. You want them to be able to contact you in a number of ways so that they can use their favorite method. If they want to contact you via email, SMS, or more directly, making that happen will help you both.
  • Let Your Customers Self Schedule Appointments – If you do take sales calls or do discovery calls, it’s essential for you to let your customers schedule these for themselves. Use software like to automate the process. If you provide the phone number to them to call, you can even let them call you at the arranged time, so you have less to remember.  
  • Automate Your Email Marketing Campaigns – Definitely use an email marketing software that uses triggers like tags to deliver the right message at the right time to the right person on your list. Software like,, and if you’re not an affiliate marketer, all work great.
  • Automate Your SMS Marketing Campaigns – Using automation software for your SMS campaigns is also important. You’re just not going to get good traction trying to do everything manually. Using a service also helps you with legal compliance.
  • Consider Adding a Conversational Chatbot – With the advent of inexpensive conversational chatbots, you can engage with your customers 24/7 in a way that feels very good to them and boosts sales exponentially.
  • Recommend Products or Services Based on Customer Behavior – Using internal triggers in the software you choose, such as your autoresponder software or your landing page software. You can efficiently deliver product recommendations to them based on what they do.
  • Make More Sales by Targeting Cart Abandonments – This is a fun way to automate your sales. Set up a system that automatically starts a remarketing ad campaign to target cart abandoners or to send them a message via email if you have their email when they leave their cart.
  • Boost Customer Retention by Following Up Post Sale – When you do make a sale, your job is not over. You need to send follow up information to them via your autoresponder and have the info via SMS. Even if all you do is send a series of messages to them after the sale, that will help.
  • Find Ways to Reward Your Best Customers – Remember that customers get tired of seeing all the sales directed toward new customers. Treat your customers like VIPs so that they want to stick with you.
  • Practice Social Listening Strategically – A really great way to automate engagement is to set up your social listening to send you information each time your product or name is mentioned. Then you can go respond directly to any mentions of your name or a like product so you can help people. Set up Google Alerts to send you the information that you need as often as you want it.
  • Use Automated Invoicing Tools – Why spend time with time-consuming invoicing tasks when you can automate the process as much as possible. Look at using systems like Go Daddy Bookkeeping or with their time tracker to automate your invoicing tasks as much as possible.

For your business to grow and flourish, you need to pay close attention to how you communicate with your customers. It needs to include two-way conversation in order to really take your engagement to the next level. When you are easy to find and are responsive to your audience, you’ll end up building a more successful business. Because when people feel like they like you, they also trust you more.

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