Since 2019 live streaming has grown by nearly ninety-nine percent, and many experts believe there are no plans for it to slow down. In fact, many online businesses report live streaming as being one of the most important tools they use for marketing and growing their audience and revenue. Many aspects go into live streaming but picking the right platform is one of the most important steps. There are many live streaming platforms to choose from, and the one you pick can make or break your success. 

First, What about Multi-streaming?

Before you learn about the different live streaming platforms, it is important to go over simulcasting. Multi-streaming or simulcasting allows you to stream on multiple platforms and is an option many people pick. However, you may want to think about a few things before you go this route. For some businesses or niches, it can work but not for everyone. First, you want to be sure you can engage with each audience you gain from the platforms you stream to. 

While technology makes it easier to stream to multiple platforms, that doesn’t mean it will be easy for you to navigate, interact and engage with them. Then you must decide if you really need to use all the live streaming platforms anyways. For example, if your niche is gaming, Twitch still leads the competition. It would be more beneficial to live stream on Twitch and then repurpose your content with a YouTube channel than exhaust yourself engaging on multiple platforms at once. 

Once you decide if simulcasting is right for you, then you can pick the best platforms. Be sure to check each term of service before you go this route, as many don’t allow you to use this option if you want to become a partner. 

Here are the most popular live-streaming platforms to stream from: 


In February 2020, Twitch had over fifteen million monthly active users, three million live broadcasts, and a little over one million concurrent users. They are making Twitch a powerhouse of live streaming. If gaming and marketing to men are your top priority, then Twitch is your platform as over 65% of their users are male, and nearly 91% of their live content is gaming. 

YouTube Live and YouTube Gaming

Did you know nearly 43% of those on the internet use YouTube every single month? This important fact alone should make just about anyone want to use this platform. Any niche can be found on YouTube, but the vast size can make it highly competitive. However, even YouTube reported that channels that host a weekly live stream could increase their audience by nearly 40%. 

Instagram Live

Instagram amasses nearly 13% of all live stream content on social media. As a result, Instagram is by far the best resource to share how-to and informational videos from product breakdowns to cooking and baking. Unfortunately, Instagram live can only be used from your cell phone application, making it one of the easiest platforms to go live but the least customizable. 

TikTok Live 

If your audience is younger than twenty-five years old, then TikTok is the place to be. While their main focus is on short-form content, they make their way into the live world with 30-minute sessions. 

Facebook Live and Facebook Gaming 

Last but certainly not least is Facebook live, where they offer over two billion monthly users just like YouTube. Not only can you go live, but you can also build a solid community with their group and page features. 

Thankfully, there are loads of platforms to choose from when live-streaming. Keep in mind your audience and your business goals to pick the right live streaming platform.  

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